Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After

I’ve been somewhat MIA from my blog world lately, but for good reason.  In my writing journey there have been many projects I have started, many projects that have inspired me, and many projects that rekindled my love of expressing myself through the written word. However, there has never been a writing project this big that I have started and finished, until now.

This was written on a window in a local grocery store. I found it very fitting considering my current journey. I also just noticed you can actually see me in the window taking the picture 🙂

I have been knee deep in a collaborative project with a beautiful friend, creating a world of color, laughter, courage and dreams in a children’s book. I am so excited that I had to announce to everyone I know that after ten days and 12k words, early this morning I typed “The End” and we officially have our very first book! 

This writing project has been the most inspiring and fulfilling I have ever done, and I am convinced it is because when you create with like-minded people with much different gifts to offer, it ignites a blinding light from inside. We are all blessed with a gift, unique to each of us, don’t wish for another’s, nourish your own and then work together to do amazing things!

Now on to the “fun” part of editing, querying and hoping this project finds its way into the hands of someone who sees what we do. To all the artists, writers and creators, believe in your gift, listen to your heart, keep writing, keep creating, as the world needs to hear your voice. 

Much Love,

Lisa J.

Finding You

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The time will come when, with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror and each will smile at the other’s welcome ~ Derek Walcott, “Love after Love”

Thank You Positively Positive…

For another article posted. Always grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and words…Follow the Clues to Find the Light Inside

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I Am a Great Writer…

Wow that felt weird! Still finding my confidence in the writing world, that title was difficult to get out, and even harder to say out loud, but I saw this post today and I thought it was a great reminder to all who share their thoughts, ideas, stories and creativity by way of the written word. So to all you word magicians out there who don’t know what to call yourselves….YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER, period! 🧡 Much Love, Lisa J