Tales of a Three-Year-Old – Introduction


You may have read in my latest post that I was rummaging around in some old boxes and came across pages of notes and writings that I started years ago. This was at a time when my path toward writing just began to appear for me. I was dabbling in different genres attempting to figure out my purpose or my why, and one of my first attempts at something significant was a book of stories about my kids, my three-year-old kids. While my kids have not been three in such a long time, I thought it would be fun to reminisce.  So, every so often I plan to post a part of the book or one of the stories (original and unedited) under the title “Tales of a Three-Year-Old”.  I hope you enjoy! Also, I would love to hear your stories (I’m sure there are many), so please share, I know anyone who’s lived it would love to know they weren’t alone in their adventures with a Three-Year-Old!

And we Begin….


I dedicate this book to my children, for without them, these tales would not exist. And to all the parents of three-year-olds, because without you, there would be nobody for them to embarrass, torment and entertain.


I honestly don’t know who coined the phrase “terrible two’s,” but in my experience, and opinion, I believe it was a statement made a tad premature. If only they had been a little more patient, the term may have been saved for the ever-so-joyous threes.

I have two children, one girl and one boy. Not only are they both very different due to their gender, but their personalities and their reactions to situations seem to be on opposite spectrums. I feel blessed to have been given the chance to experience both, and have found even though they are truly opposite, there is one characteristic that every child has that deems them identical at the age of three…

The superior talent of embarrassing you, infuriating you, making you laugh, and having you question your intelligence, all at the same time.

The following stories are prime examples of this talent, and I’m fairly positive that every parent has experienced some, or most, of the same entertaining “good times”. I can only imagine how many moms and dads can relate to the tears, anger, joy and laughter that come out of each moment.

Telling these tales always puts a smile on my face, and even though the stories themselves touch the emotions that every parent feels, it cannot compare to the flashbacks of the facial expressions and inflections in your little one’s voice as you recount the memory.

I hope you enjoy the tales of my three-year-olds, and that you can relive your own, keeping in mind that when your children paint the walls, or themselves, you should stop and admire the color they have brought into your life.

Much Love,