Embrace Your Story

It’s very easy to frame an idea of what you believe your career, your relationship, your family or your life should look or be like. Many times what we believe should be, does not turn out exactly as we expect. What we don’t realize is that even though it may not match the plan we made for ourselves, it’s actually so much better than we think. 🧡

Don’t get wrapped up in what you believe “should” be and instead, embrace and celebrate what is. Find the beauty and the incredible of each moment now, as what we believed was the best for us, may not truly be so.

Your story is what makes you, you. Be proud of the chapters within and have a fantastic day full of love and laughter 🦋🧡

Allow Your Feelings

Life is unpredictable and at times can bring sadness and heartache. While there is a belief that you should walk through these moments unscathed, there is incredible strength in letting go to feel through them. 🧡

It takes great courage to allow yourself to feel the emotions within, and is not a sign of weakness, but an indication that you are human. 🦋🧡 Have a fantastic day!

Leave an Imprint of Love

The spark that ignited my desire to begin my journey to becoming my true me, and start writing again, began with the thought of how I wanted to be remembered 🧡 not by the world, but by those I love, specifically my children.

We have one beautiful chance at this life to impact those around us in a positive way. Choose to live it emitting light, gratitude, kindness, laughter, humility, forgiveness and faith, and leave an imprint of love that will live on in those we love forever 🦋🧡 How do you want to be remembered?

Have an incredible day!

There is Courage in Humility

Courage and strength are not measured by size or stubbornness, but in wisdom, determination, and the ability to show humility in the time of need. We cannot walk alone in this life and hope for success. To stay on our paths, we must be wise enough to know when we are lost, and humble enough to embrace the hands that guide us along 🧡 Asking for help is not weakness, it is an incredible act of courage 🦋🧡