Xcel2Fitness – Training with a Purpose

I met Barbara Gederian Muckel, Director of Xcel 2 Fitness, at the Beast Bootcamp race, a local obstacle 5k, a few weeks ago after writing about her amazing program for Hometown Happenings. A program that helps to develop confidence, team mentality and grit in grade school age boys. After an instant connection I was so excited to hear there was a way I could support X2F by doing what I love! X2F has a Dream Maker opportunity where you can support the program and raise money by posting about your training for an upcoming race, and I just so happen to be training for one (well, now 2)!

Signing up to be a Dream Maker while I train for the Spartan Sprint AND the Wonder Woman Half in June allows me to help a great program in the process (and keep me accountable :)). This is a program I know my son would have loved, and brings teamwork, confidence and encouragement to our kids when they need it most!!

Follow me on my journey to the Spartan and 13.1 in support of Xcel 2 Fitness!! If your school has X2F, look into it, if your school doesn’t know about X2F, please inquire, and if you just want to support a fantastic program, please donate!! Thank you from the X2F team and ME!!

To read more about X2F and to check out the fundraiser click here: Xcel2fitness 🧡🦋

Dream It, and Then Just Do It


Photo by Pixabay

I was reminded today that if you want something you just have to go for it. It’s easy to sit and dream away the pounds, spend the money you will earn from all the success you are planning, hear the accolades in your head from those who are inspired by your work, imagine how your book will smell when you flip the pages, how the cover will emulate the amazing words on the inside, what kind of author picture you will take and how it will look sitting in the Barnes and Nobles….sorry, got distracted by my fantasy 😊

It’s important to dream, we need to dream, small, big, feasible and even what some may call impossible.  Dreaming fuels us, it’s exciting, it drives us outside of our comfort zone toward where we are meant to be, but many times this is where we stay, in dreamland. We know what we have to do, we know that in order to run a marathon we must train, and yet as we dream of the finish line, the early mornings, the long miles and the sacrifices are just not as glamorous as the medal. We know that in order to have a successful business, we must build it from nothing, and it takes time, effort, blood, sweat and tears, and in order to publish a book, you must write one. We know this, and yet we sit in dreamland, frustrated our dream hasn’t happened yet and wondering why.

You may have figured out by now, this is really my personal pep talk. I need to replace all the we’s with I’s, but I feel better about myself if I’m not the only one getting lectured 😉The frustration I have for myself can sometimes be overwhelming because every time I think I’ve defeated that pesky fear, it shows up as procrastination, social media, Netflix binges, social media, cleaning out and organizing closets that have never bothered me until the moment I sit down to write, and social media. Man, I really need social media anonymous. Its just so easy to fall into the blackhole of pointless thought, cute dogs and funny cats. It’s like a vacation for the mind, but it can be so difficult to reign it in.

Fear masks itself in many tricky ways, but the worst is when it appears in its true form, and whispers, “you’re not good enough”.  However, this post is my reminder, that the last time I looked fear in the face for the lie it really is, I wrote my first children’s book cover to cover 13k words in 10 days. I just did it and it felt amazing.  

So today, after getting into the ring with fear once again I am reminding myself of that moment, and how I squeezed my dream tight, let it go and then chased it until it was mine.  Our dreams are ours, in our hearts, on so many personal levels for so many reasons, but until we make up our minds to share it, that’s exactly where it will stay, but the moment we let go and begin to chase it, the more likely that dream will become our reality.

Keep dreaming, and just go for it!

Much Love,

Lisa J

Be You

Accepting who we are through and through, flaws and all, can be difficult but so very powerful, and when we take that power and use it for good, we can move mountains 🧡 We are all beautifully imperfect just as we are – Never be afraid to be you and have a gorgeous day 🦋🧡

Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After

I’ve been somewhat MIA from my blog world lately, but for good reason.  In my writing journey there have been many projects I have started, many projects that have inspired me, and many projects that rekindled my love of expressing myself through the written word. However, there has never been a writing project this big that I have started and finished, until now.

This was written on a window in a local grocery store. I found it very fitting considering my current journey. I also just noticed you can actually see me in the window taking the picture 🙂

I have been knee deep in a collaborative project with a beautiful friend, creating a world of color, laughter, courage and dreams in a children’s book. I am so excited that I had to announce to everyone I know that after ten days and 12k words, early this morning I typed “The End” and we officially have our very first book! 

This writing project has been the most inspiring and fulfilling I have ever done, and I am convinced it is because when you create with like-minded people with much different gifts to offer, it ignites a blinding light from inside. We are all blessed with a gift, unique to each of us, don’t wish for another’s, nourish your own and then work together to do amazing things!

Now on to the “fun” part of editing, querying and hoping this project finds its way into the hands of someone who sees what we do. To all the artists, writers and creators, believe in your gift, listen to your heart, keep writing, keep creating, as the world needs to hear your voice. 

Much Love,

Lisa J.

Kay Clay Designs, on Instagram @kayclaydesigns

pottery1I’m so pumped to post about my trip to North Carolina for a Work/Life Integration Retreat, but I’m attempting to take my time in order to give it the justice it deserves. To say the least, it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Now, while the retreat itself was incredible, the connections I made with the inspirational women (and man) who attended are those I will not soon forget.

I could write for days about each of them and may still, but I wanted to share this story as an example of why “coincidence” is not a word in my vocabulary, and when you share your gifts with the world, extraordinary things happen.

pottery2The first day of the retreat, we were about five minutes in when the door opened and walked in an energetic soul, full of life and fun energy, who expressed embarrassment with a hint of delight all in one breath for coming in late. The moment Karen introduced herself it was absolutely necessary for me to become her friend.

As our activities continued, Karen proved that she brought a certain light to conversation and the people around her, and while I can tell several stories that made me smile and at times, even laugh out loud, it is the story of how she found her gift and her passion again that I write about today. pottery3

Karen attended a Triple W Work/Life Integration retreat a few years earlier and at that retreat she was reintroduced to pottery making at the clay studio on the premises of The Art of Living Retreat Center. She expressed to us that she used to love it, but like many of us, life got in the way. However, the moment she sat down at the wheel again, the light inside reignited, and she hasn’t stopped since, even going as far as seeking out her favorite potter in Mexico when she visited.

We were lucky enough to be there this past weekend when she chose to share her gift with us all, explaining to us that the pottery she makes is inspired by nature, incorporating, water, earth and the mountains as it reminds her of where she was when she found her passion once again.

pottery4I wanted to thank her for sharing her gift with us by sharing her gift with all who I could reach by way of mine. Each picture is a piece made by Karen, and the love she puts in every one is obvious. If you’re curious, more of these beauties can be found on Instagram @kayclaydesigns. Check her out, it’s my understanding she has just started to sell her wonderful craft 😊

By the way, the coolest part of the story was that this past weekend after noticing the gift shops at the retreat center did not showcase any pottery, she approached the manager to ask if they would be interested in selling hers, and they were! Circle of life…where she found her passion once again, is the same place she will begin her adventure of sharing it with the world. Rock on Karen can’t wait to see your stuff out my way!! pottery5

 Much Love,

Lisa J.