Acknowledge the Beauty Around You

As we live our every day life, many times we walk with our heads down, determined to be undistracted and focused on plans for our own success. In this practice it’s common to “miss” things including the beauty that surrounds us. 🧡

While it is important to dream and to make steps toward these dreams, don’t forget to pick up your head and not only see the beauty in those around you, but the beauty within.

Remember to check in with yourself and remind yourself how incredible you are, that you are worth every amazing thing that life brings you, and that each challenge is helping you grow into who you are, and then go out and remind others of the same.

If you see their beauty, their success, their love, their generosity or their need to know just how wonderful they are, tell them.

They may not know it themselves, and just one small gesture, or one small word of encouragement from you may be the only one they hear, and may help them remember, not just that moment, not just that day but possibly their lifetime 🦋🧡

Choose Kindness, and tell someone how beautiful they are today!

Listen, Don’t Judge

Ironically one of my favorite things to do in this life is to meet new people. This is ironic because as a younger version of me I would have considered myself socially awkward, a complete introvert and even a wallflower of sorts. I liked to observe, not engage, mostly out of fear.

My fear stemmed from judgement from those around me, from what others would think of me, how I looked, what I did or if I opened my mouth and something silly came out, which happened often. I was afraid not of other people but the fabrication I had formulated in my own mind of what others felt about me.

As I grew I learned to accept myself as I am, silly, sometimes odd, but curious and full of love and respect for others and their stories. I also realized that the same judgement I feared, I projected many times in my life and when I become aware of this I changed it, and the way I thought about those I encountered every day. By opening my heart and mind, I opened my life up to meeting some incredible people. 🧡

Please don’t judge, but listen, no matter the environment in which you meet people, whether it be in a line at the grocery, at a community run, church, school, the neighborhood or even the bar. We are all imperfectly human, and if you judge before you listen, you may never have the privilege of knowing their story 🦋🧡

Have a beautiful day!

Embrace Your Story

It’s very easy to frame an idea of what you believe your career, your relationship, your family or your life should look or be like. Many times what we believe should be, does not turn out exactly as we expect. What we don’t realize is that even though it may not match the plan we made for ourselves, it’s actually so much better than we think. 🧡

Don’t get wrapped up in what you believe “should” be and instead, embrace and celebrate what is. Find the beauty and the incredible of each moment now, as what we believed was the best for us, may not truly be so.

Your story is what makes you, you. Be proud of the chapters within and have a fantastic day full of love and laughter 🦋🧡

Set Your Intention

Yoga and meditation have been a gift in my life for many reasons, but mostly because it allows me to truly reflect on who I am, and if it aligns with who I want to be 🧡

When you wake each morning set an intention for your day. What practice do you want to focus on for yourself, is it patience, love, gratitude, kindness, or peace? Whatever it may be, be consciously aware of your words and your actions, and ask yourself if they align with your intention you set.

When we focus on just one loving intention each day, the others seems to fall into our lives even if we are unaware. Practice love and you will find kindness, practice patience and you will find calm, practice gratitude and forgiveness, and you will find peace 🦋🧡 what is your intention for today?

Have a beautiful day!

Share Your Passion

It’s amazing how when we set our minds to something and believe in ourselves that not only can we make our dreams come true, we can inspire those around us to do the same 🧡

I’m so excited to start a new adventure with a friend who inspires me, that I just want to spread the incredible good vibes to everyone I meet. I get to write! And I get to write about positive programs for kids and our community. Looking forward to the fun road ahead!

Walk through the doors of opportunity, and share your story and your passion, and share it again. It will make an impact, and it will open the minds of others to listen to their hearts, so they too follow their true path in this life 🦋🧡

Stay tuned for more on my new adventure with Hometown Happenings, and if you’re curious, check out the website at 😀

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