FINDING HAPPY, ONE DAY AT A TIME – The End but Just the Beginning

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Wow, wow. I can’t even believe that tomorrow marks three whole months since I began the Finding Happy posts along with the Facebook group challenge. This life “project” began as a way to spread positivity, light and love into a world that desperately needs it, but never did I imagine how my own life would shift in the process, and I am overwhelmed with joy. My intention when I began was to encourage hope, healing, and living, and to remind you to believe in yourselves, your strengths and the incredible light inside.

To my surprise, as I walked this path with all of you, I found pieces of me I was never aware of, desires I didn’t know I had, and scars that needed healing. And, while I completed my own personal “paper” goal of posting in the group every day for 90 days, I also accomplished internal goals by facing my fears, reflecting on my past and overcoming giant mental and emotional obstacles that blocked my way to my true path. In addition to these enormous steps in my own life, I have also had the privilege of reconnecting with old friends, making new ones and have had the opportunity to hear your stories of gratitude, kindness, fears and inspiration along the way. There are no words to describe the fullness of my heart.

I cautiously began this journey years ago, but the shift that took place this time around when I jumped in both feet, was a shift I am eternally grateful to have experienced. They say 21 days makes a habit and at 90 days it becomes a lifestyle, and let me tell you, that is no joke. While no life is perfect, and times still get hard, there is a significant difference in how I live them, because now, when the dark days roll in, the light exists in me. I may need to allow myself to feel the present emotions of these moments, but I am better equipped to handle them, and come out the other side at a run instead of a crawl. As a whole, my steps are lighter, my thoughts are kinder, my heart is love and I am happier.

The results are quite remarkable, and it’s a journey I will never regret, especially because my biggest lesson through these last few months has been that good truly does exist. It may be in many forms, and you may have to look deeper, but it’s there, and when you walk in the good, and the more good put out into this world, the more that comes back to you.

For me, there is no doubt that the practice of conscious positivity, kindness, gratitude, love, forgiveness, dreaming, facing fears, and self-care has shifted my internal thoughts, ideas and heart to a better place, and it’s a practice that I intend to continue, and I hope you do too.

For all who have followed me from the beginning, all who joined me in the middle, and those who I have not yet met, I thank you, and I believe in you. Be the good and continue to be the amazing you.


It is my full intention to stay the course and continue posting in the group daily, however, the format may change just a little. I know that many like a challenge, because it feels like something they can begin and end, a task they must fulfill for the day, and it’s something they can mark off the list, I would like to get away from that label, and call it “Finding You, One Day at a Time”. There are so many components to what makes you the you that you are meant to be, and happiness is only one of them.

It is also my plan to begin sharing my stepping stones to this place in my life after years of sadness, anger, blame and rebellion. I have learned through this process that while we all love to hear what we should practice, we are even more encouraged to act when we hear why we should practice.

I hope you stay tuned, as one door closes and another one opens…Welcome to Positively Love, Scene 2319, Take 40, Finding You, One Day at a Time… 😊

Much Love,

Lisa J.

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