Overcoming the Short Story Cloud

short story
Photo by Pixabay

So after many years of boycotting short story contests due to constant perceived rejection, I submitted!! This is exciting because I truly was scarred from the past. While I look at my work from back then and can now see beyond my ego that the quality was not deserving of anything but rejection, and I know I have grown as a person and a writer, I still have butterflies 🙂 Wish me luck!!

Anyone else have this experience and have you submitted to any contests lately??

Much Love,

Lisa J.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming the Short Story Cloud

  1. I have never done this but all the best for your submission. Accepting your own flaws takes a lot of strength; this honesty of yours speaks a thousand words about you and believe me they are all yelling that you are extremely talented. Wish you much success. (Sonali from ‘thejetsetgocouple’)

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