I Am a Great Writer…

Wow that felt weird! Still finding my confidence in the writing world, that title was difficult to get out, and even harder to say out loud, but I saw this post today and I thought it was a great reminder to all who share their thoughts, ideas, stories and creativity by way of the written word. So to all you word magicians out there who don’t know what to call yourselves….YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER, period! 🧡 Much Love, Lisa J

10 thoughts on “I Am a Great Writer…

  1. Borrowed that picture. Need that tonight.

    I’m taking a break from cartoons and leaning back into writing anything /blogging anything and at times wonder what and why I am doing any of this… Why do I still have an account on medium? I don’t write there anymore… I have started so many things, started so many blogs and filled too many sketchbooks with so many half assed ideas and for what? For who?

    And then sometimes I remember that I encouraged my daughter to write (she reads like a monster, so it made sense that she write too…) and she does. She started a blog. Wrote a short story that I illustrated that she and I turned into a coloring book and she used to earn her Gold Award as a girl scout (that is the Highest award you can earn, equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle) and now she’s a freshman in collage pursuing communications with a concentration on journalism and broadcasting. With a minor in English.

    So maybe all my dabbling actually spawned a writer/journalist who will put a dent in the universe someday.???

    Sorry for going off on a tangent. Thanks for this post, I needed it tonight.

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    1. I love that you asked and answered your own question as to why 🧡 believe me I can absolutely relate and ask myself why a lot. I put all this time and effort and for what? But it doesn’t take too long for me to remember why I started and why I do it. I love it. I love to write, I love to express myself through the written word and if something, even something small, resonates or inspires someone else, like you inspired your daughter, that’s all I need to keep writing. Thank you for sharing your experience I needed it as another reminder 🧡 keep writing, keep sketching because you love it and the inspiration will find its way to others even if you don’t realize.


      1. Thank you Lisa, for the encouragement regarding my art. It is something I will never be able to stop doing completely, but from time to time (I am learning after too many years) you burn out (often) and need to take a break. Cleanse the palate and come back to it new. This break might be a little longer but it’s all good.


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      2. I just posted a blog. I reference our communication here without naming you (in case that wouldn’t be cool) I did that once I realized that this is a community of sorts and even if I knew that I never saw it that way. Feel free to check it out. Thanks, Scott.

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