Tales of a Three-Year Old – A Day at the Park

girl on swing
Photo by Pixabay
My next Tale of a Three Year Old…once again my daughter loudly testing my ability to not turn red in embarrassment.

It was yet another moment when my daughter was stubbornly putting her foot down and was determined to let everyone in a mile wide radius know what she had to say. Although this time, instead of refusing to get out of the car seat, she refused to get in it.

We had taken my sweet, blonde, pig-tailed daughter to the park after work one afternoon and treated her to some nuggets and French fries. After eating, she played on the jungle gym until the sun was beginning to fade in the distance. Baffled by the way her tiny legs continued to go, go, go, and tired just watching her, I decided it was time to leave for home. In my naivety, I thought it may help to soften the blow to explain the reasons behind my decision slightly ahead of time. In my mind, I was preparing her for the inevitable, not realizing I was setting myself up for the inevitable…a massive fit.

After the initial outburst we attempted to head back to the car without drawing attention to ourselves. I quickly realized my explanations did nothing but upset her earlier than anticipated, and her resistance was so persistent that I had to pick her up, carry her to the car, and place her in her seat. As I was trying to secure the seat belt, and ignore the crying, kicking and arm thrashing, she yelled out, again, VERY loudly…


Mmmhmmm, it was beautiful a scene, and all eyes were now in our direction!! Thank goodness it was an understanding crowd, probably parents of three year olds 🙂

Much Love,

Lisa J


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