Tales of a Three-Year Old – A Quote to Live By

This first tale as comes from my beautiful, sweet, strong-willed, independent daughter….I Have choices

I begin with a story I hold dear to my heart. Not only did this moment stick with me as a story I have repeated a million times for laughs, but as I grew as a mother, and a woman, the meaning became so much deeper.

It was winter, and my daughter and I were at my best friend’s house encouraging her to put up the Christmas tree. After removing the decorations from the boxes, we realized that we were in need of more lights, and decided to hit the nearest store. Upon arriving, my daughter ha made up her mind that she really didn’t need, or want, to go shopping. After a few minutes of her stubborn refusal to exit the car, my patience was beginning to wear thin. The back door was open, it was freezing outside, and following repeated attempts of reasoning with her, I firmly stated that she did not have a choice in the matter. It only took a second, but her priceless response (for the entire parking lot to hear) was that of a VERY loud and VERY indignant three year old….


I was stunned to silence, and for a moment did know whether I should get upset or commend her for her determination to stand up for herself. I believe I may have laughed, but soon realized that I was the adult in the situation, and removed her from her car seat.

Rock on little girl! She is now turning 18 and truly has not changed one bit!

You have a three year old story? I’d love to hear it! When we share, we realize we are not alone in fighting battles that we can’t seem to ever win 🙂 Stay tuned for more Tales of a Three-Year-Old.

Much Love,




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