FINDING HAPPY, ONE DAY AT A TIME – Positivity & Goals – Week One

goals and dreamsHi Everyone!! Welcome to another month of Finding Happy, One Day at a Time. For those who joined me last month, welcome back and to those who are just joining me, I’m so happy you’re here!! If you’re curious what this is exactly, and why I began this journey, you can read about it here. I am a true believer in the pursuit of happiness and that to find it you must begin with you.

We all have the power and the ability to choose, and we can choose negativity, we can choose isolation, and we can choose to react in anger, jealously or hatred – we control our thoughts and our actions, but what would happen if we chose positivity, acceptance, forgiveness, love and faith. How would that change your moment, your day or your life? Would it? Short answer, yes it would, but its up to you to choose to find out if I’m right 😊

This blog and these posts are little reminders for you every day to consciously choose the path that fills your heart with joy. When we make a conscious effort toward happy, a crazy thing happens, we actually start to feel happier. When we train ourselves to see the good and the light over an over, we soon don’t need to be reminded, and our life is surrounded by good and light. Please understand, I am not trying to sell you the idea that life will forever be filled with sunshine and rainbows if you buy into what I’m putting out there, that’s not realistic. Life throws up curveballs and chaos, but just maybe by filling our lives with positive choices up to those moments can allow us to more easily navigate them and give us the faith to believe that the darkness will pass.

Last month we focused on Gratitude and Kindness and it was eye-opening, exciting and fun. While these are two extremely important aspects of happiness in your life and some of the tasks from last month will be sprinkled into this month, in September our main focus will be flipping our negative thoughts to positive and reflecting on our goals, small and large. Infusing more positivity in our days and being honest with ourselves in what we want out of our day, year and life can help us to even more define what happiness means to us. While this month may be a little more challenging, that’s good. If we don’t challenge ourselves there is no change and without change, no matter how small, we stay exactly the same, and you wouldn’t be here if that was your goal 😊

As we begin this month, I want to give you a quick reminder that you are capable of whatever you put your mind to, whether it be finding happy or reaching every goal you have on your list because we were put on this earth with a purpose, and you are amazing. So, let’s get started…

Day 1 – Monday

Get Out Those Journals. If you followed last month, you should have a designated journal where you defined your personal happiness, if you’re new, that’s your homework. Find a journal or a notebook and define what happiness means to you, and don’t hold back, really reflect on it.

For everyone, take today to consciously and intentionally think about your goals for your life, big and small. Be it, career, relationship or personal. They can be small every day goals, like clean a closet, quit smoking, start exercising, or on a larger scale, like traveling, retiring or starting your own business. Make two lists, short term and long term, and challenge yourself to get at least 10 each.

There are goals in our life that we don’t even realize we have until we make ourselves sit and reflect and BE HONEST with ourselves. What do you want out of your life? There are no crazy ideas, no unreachable goals, we all have the ability, we just need to choose to take the steps to make it happen.

Day 2-Tuesday

Flip a Negative Thought to a Positive One. Seems so silly right?! But you’d be so surprised how many times a day those nasty negatives creep into our mind. These sound familiar? “Well, that’s nice, but..”, “That’s so exciting, but I bet it won’t happen…” “I’d love to meet them, but…what if,”, “They just look mean, stuck up, full of themselves…” “OMG they won’t shut up…”, “I’m sure they don’t like me”, “I really want to apply for that job, but…” Believe me if you really listen to yourself, these thoughts are consistently running through your mind and the “buts” are the most prominent.

Be conscious of these thoughts and make yourself change at least 1-3 today. Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought try to flip it to positive. “That’s so nice, I wonder how I can thank them”, “That’s so exciting, when that happens, this is what I’ll do”, “I’d love to meet them, maybe they can help me with this problem”, “They really must need someone to listen, and I’m happy I’m here to do just that”, “I know I’m a good person”, “I’m going to apply for that job”. Change the conversation in your head, and you will change your attitude and your day.

Day 3-Wednesday

Make a Vision/Dream Board. This is a fun one. Get yourself a poster board, a dry erase, a cork board or an 8×10 sheet of paper and break out your goal list. This may seem elementary, but it is truly valuable to see what you want instead of just thinking it. Cut out pictures, quotes and images and tape them, pin them, or glue them to your board. Each image you choose should correlate with one or more of your listed goals. When you see what it is you are taking steps to accomplish it is imprinted in your mind and it becomes even more exciting then just writing it down. The board can be as big or as small as you want it to be, but the bigger the better. Keep it in a place you can see it every day, as a reminder of your dreams and believe me no dream is too big!!

Day 4-Thursday

Unclutter Something. Clutter is a big reason for stress. When our space is a mess, our mind is a mess and it can take a toll on our mentality and how we approach our day or even those we love. I don’t know about everyone else, but I like to hide my messes. I have clutter that you don’t see, but I know in the back of my mind it is there. Closets, drawers and under the bed, are my most common hiding places. I always say I’ll get to it, but until I hit my breaking point, I just don’t. Today make a conscious effort to unclutter a hiding place. If you make yourself start, make yourself finish, and the feeling of relief, elation and satisfaction will lower the stress level and shine a little more light into your day. Believe me it’s like therapy when I finally make myself unclutter my space.

Day 5-Friday

Celebrate the Small Things. It’s so funny how when we want something so bad, we have our eyes fixed so much on the finale that we have blinders on to the small things that are leading us there. Today make a conscious effort to recognize the small victories. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion you were waiting for, but maybe you were offered some invaluable advise and made important contacts along the way, or maybe you realized that it wasn’t your goal after all, celebrate that; Maybe your kid didn’t get their chores done but it was because you sat and had an hour conversation with them about their day (even if it was a stall tactic on their part), celebrate that; Maybe you haven’t reached that physical goal you set for yourself months ago, but you are on a consistent routine that you were not on when you set that goal, celebrate that. Celebrate the steps, the small stuff and what you may consider inconveniences. When we celebrate our steps to the finish line it’s so much sweeter when we get there.

On a side note, Friday is the designated Dance Day!! Dance in celebration, to relieve stress, to laugh, to get through a tough time or just because, just DANCE, because it’s fun and I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face.

Day 6-Saturday

Give Back/Volunteer/Pay it Forward. Last month Saturday was pay it forward days, and we will continue that tradition. Saturdays are a fantastic day to give back. This is a weekly task and for good reason. When we give back to others the feeling that fills you up is inexplainable. It is a completely different level of happy because you are giving happy to another. This can be done simply, or it can be dedicated time in the day, however you want to do it, but do something for someone else today, without expecting anything in return.

**These acts of kindness do not have to be extravagant. Pay for a coffee, carry some groceries, donate, volunteer or just be kind without expecting anything in return.

Day 7-Sunday

Reflection/Self-Care. Love this day. It’s so important to practice self-care and connecting with your why and your inner thoughts and emotions. Spend this day to take a moment to reflect on your week, and on why you chose to practice positive. Use this day to meditate, pray, read, sleep, or just sit in the quiet to calm your mind, hear your heart, and connect to yourself so you are ready for the week ahead. I know life can get busy, but please do not skip this day, it’s so very important for your well-being and for your soul.

***Please share some good books, I’m looking for a new one to read!!


I’m so very excited for this month!! When we are in our life routines sometimes we forget that we have dreams and goals that we put to the side or on the back burner. Bringing these ideas and thoughts to the surface reminds us that we are allowed to dream, and anything is possible. There is no dream too big, too small or too crazy, nothing is impossible, and we can choose to chase our aspirations or allow the negative thoughts to overcome us. Set your intentions, make up your mind to be positive about what you want out of life, make a spark and then ignite your fire. Your goals are your goals, and nobody can tell you not to dream.

As usual, I will be posting on the Finding Happy One Day at a Time Facebook Page throughout the week to check in on you all and would love to hear from you so don’t be shy!! Keep writing in your journals, it’s so important!! Thank you for sticking with me or just joining me on this journey, it is my hope to persuade you to alter your thoughts, even a little, in a more positive direction, while you help me find my happy too!!

Much Love,


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