Be Bold

This post was actually unexpected, and I’m writing spontaneously which can be super fun and anxiety ridden wrapped up in one. However, today inspired me to express how important it is to see the awesomeness in yourself in the same way others see you.

I am very blessed in my full-time job in that my company encourages self-growth, meeting of like-minds, and networking, and supports the empowerment of every employee. This culture allows for conferences and events, like the one I attended today. The name of the organization hosting this event was WINUP, Woman’s International Network of Utility Professionals, and as someone who shunned organizations or events like this in the past because of my social awkwardness, I was inspired, inspired enough to join this great organization.

The objective of today’s conference was to encourage women in our profession to BE BOLD, which stood for Be Brave, Seize Opportunities, Lead Your Journey, and Drive Results. Although climbing the corporate world ladder is probably not my path, the message and the presentation was eye-opening.

The first half of the day we heard from a panel of successful and talented women panelists who hold positions that have never been held by women in our profession, we then heard the incredible journey of WINUP’s President. Each of them told different stories, but each had a common foundation: Know who you are, Be who you are, Know you are supported by a team, Listen to your gut, and one of my favorites of the day the word NO should mean Numerous Opportunities.

As inspiring as this first half of the day was, it was the second half that got me to sit at this keyboard and write a reminder to myself and to all the women (or men) reading this post, You are beautiful, You are Amazing and You are capable of more than you know. I write this because I believe we forget daily how awesome we really are.

At the beginning of this second half we watched a Dove commercial, which started off interviewing women and asking them what they believed was their worst flaw. Each woman responded within seconds, listing things like their thighs, complexion or bum. The interviewers then asked the same women what they believed was their most beautiful feature. Most couldn’t respond at all or stated it was too uncomfortable for them to answer. This made my heart sad, as I believe we, specifically women, have a subconscious idea in our minds that we must be perfect to be beautiful, and we neglect to see the beauty inside and outside of ourselves.

After the video, we were asked to write down 4-5 positive attributes about ourselves and 4-5 things we felt we needed to improve. As I jotted down my thoughts I could overhear the conversation at the table saying how it was easier to come up with improvements than the good stuff; however, I heard their friend sitting next to them whispering all the positive things they should put on their list. I smiled to myself because how amazing it would be if we saw in ourselves what others see in us every day.

So my point today is Be Bold and although I love WINUPS acronym, I’d like to be more direct. Be Bold enough to see the amazing you, the accountable you, the good listener you, the efficient, innovative, creative, hardworking, patient, calm, out-side of the box thinker YOU. See you for all the awesomeness you are, and don’t close your eyes to it, Be Bold, every day.

Much Love,


IMG_1952 (1)
Me and my co-worker, work-out partner, run buddy and awesome friend who reminds me all the time of the me I sometimes overlook.

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