Welcome to the Journey

Positively Love. Yeah it may be a little cheesy for some, maybe even uncomfortable, but that’s exactly why I am writing this blog. In my ongoing journey to find purpose and happiness, I’ve realized I have a few passions in my life other than Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake – One, of course, is my family, they are the pieces of my heart; Two, is writing, I feel most myself and most free when I write; Three, is helping/teaching/coaching, children, adults, animals and anyone who needs it; and lastly, is challenging myself to overcome the uncomfortable, and in turn, overcome the fear. I never knew if I’d ever get a chance to meld these passions together, until that is, I started to see life differently.

 The purpose of this blog has been in the making for years. When I first began writing many moons ago, I was in a different place in my life, a more negative place, and although writing came easy, I never really knew what to write about. Because of this, my posts would be random and my writings would be flat. I couldn’t make a real connection with readers, and when my ego took a hit, and fear halted my desire to write, it was easy to walk away. Now, when I read things from back then I can tell I was trying to find that purpose, to make that connection, but I would consistently miss the mark. Today, I am in a different place, with a different mindset, full of positivity and Love. Today I write with a purpose.

So that is why I’m here! To bring you along on my journey, to inspire you, to instill belief in yourself, and to let you know a happy life is possible. My purpose is to show you love and support all while we heal and grow together, and to open your minds and your hearts to the fact that anything is possible. By sharing with you how I flipped the switch to who I am today, I hope we can all discover our true path and purpose. I whole-heartedly, without a single doubt, believe that everyone is capable of real happiness, all you need is a little shake up of perspective, a bunch of faith and lots of love, because the one thing I have learned more than anything else, the core of real meaning in your life begins and ends positively with Love.

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